PinShot Golf Proposes USGA Handicap Rules Change

As the USGA takes comments on its proposed changes to the 2019 Rules of Golf, PinShot Golf offers another idea for consideration: a revision to the Handicap System.

Below is the USGA rules change proposal submitted today by PinShot Golf:

April 1, 2017

Steven Edmondson
Managing Director, Handicapping & Course Rating
United States Golf Association
77 Liberty Corner Rd
Far Hills, NJ 07931

Dear Mr. Edmondson,

PinShot Golf respectfully proposes a change to the USGA Handicap System that allows 6-hole and 12-hole rounds to be entered as official rounds for USGA handicap purposes.

Given the time constraints of modern life and the USGA’s intent to better the enjoyment of the game through its 2019 Rules Modernization initiative, PinShot Golf believes that allowing golfers to enter 6-hole and 12-hole rounds into the USGA Handicap System will make it easier for every player to create an official handicap without altering the effectiveness of the system.

We point to the book ‘The 12 Hole Standard‘ recently written by golf course developer Tom Drauschak for additional points of reference related to this request. If existing 18-hole golf courses take the advice of Mr. Drauschak and implement 6-hole and 12-hole layouts as a part of their properties, the current USGA Handicap system should be revised to accommodate those play options.

Further, since PinShot Golf plans to create a national network of modern 12-hole golf course facilities across the United States, we make this proposal now so that the USGA is ready to respond to these participation offerings in advance, pointing to 2019.

Determining a proper formula for Slope and Course Rating can be accomplished for a 6-hole and 12-hole layout. These revised formulas will allow players to compete against each other with full handicaps for 6-hole and 12-hole matches, just as they do now for 9-hole and 18-hole matches.

We also suggest that any designated 12-hole tournament competition be weighted as a ‘tournament round’ just as an 18-hole tournament round is weighted currently. Both events identify a player’s true level of competitive ability, with the only difference being the total number of holes played to determine the final score and finish.

So long as USGA criteria are met for an ‘official round’ and a ‘tournament round’, we believe 6-hole and 12-hole rounds should be permitted for use in establishing a USGA Handicap just as 9-hole and 18-hole rounds are now.

We thank the USGA for considering this proposal from PinShot Golf.

Allen Freeman
CEO, PinShot Golf

Watch this space for the USGA’s response…