Target Market

The target market for PinShot Golf will be all ages of sports-minded fun-seekers: families, golf fanatics, couples, groups, kids, seniors, casual players, non-golfers.

Pricing will always be moderate for the golf, food and beverages to widen this target as much as possible.

Generous discounts for junior players will be available at all times, to get kids playing. Top-quality brand-name golf clubs will be available for rent so non-golfers can jump right in. Mobile scoring is optional, so beginners won’t have to publicly display a score. Tournament competitions will be held daily, but just-for-fun play will be encouraged equally.

With the 12-minutes-per-hole rule, a group of complete beginners can play at the same time as a tournament filled with highly-competitive hard-core players and both groups will enjoy the experience. The live streaming TV broadcasts, tournament competitions, and social media interactions simply add fun to the traditional game.

The food & beverage service will feature a healthy and casual menu, moderately priced with soft drinks and adult beverages available. Meals will be tasty enough to draw people who aren’t playing golf. Waitstaff will deliver beverages and simple snacks to the tee boxes around the clubhouse for on-course consumption, all with mobile ordering.

With the open-air clubhouse and its lively sportsbar feel, non-golfers will feel welcomed, too. Other sports besides golf will be shown on an equal number of TVs. ‘Live broadcast coverage’ of play from the course will be shown on many of the TVs, featuring scoring, commentary, replays, interviews, upcoming event promotions and advertising, all with full production values. Friends and families will come out to watch people they know play golf on live TV, especially in tournament settings.