How This Fixes Golf

The existential problems of the traditional game of golf are directly addressed and solved by PinShot Golf:

FIX: ‘Golf takes too long’ –  Because of the game clock, 12 holes will always be played in 2 hours 48 minutes. A 6 hole half-round will always be played in 1 hour 37 minutes. A round will be finished within these timeframes even if the golf course is completely full.

FIX: ‘Golf is too hard to access’ –  Each facility will be built just outside of a city center among a dense population with highway access nearby. No rural locations, no far-from-the-highway suburban sites.

FIX: ‘Golf is too slow’ –  The pace of play will be constant, as the game clock and double-bogey max score means even newbie players will never hold up fast, experienced players. All golfers will find a rhythm to their play regardless of ability. And the on-course music and video will fill in the gaps during any brief wait.

FIX: ‘Golf is too expensive’ –  Affordable pricing and junior discounts will keep fees reasonable, averaging $16-18 per round ($20-25 for adults; $10-12 for kids). Quality rental clubs will be available at a reasonable rate for players who don’t have their own, with junior sets discounted further.

FIX: ‘Golf isn’t cool’ –  PinShot Golf will bring a new kind of cool to the game because it makes a social media/TV golf star out of anyone who wants to enjoy that added experience. Social media will show how much fun can be had by a golfer and non-golfer alike. Tagged posts to thousands of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts daily, coupled with live-stream TV and the ability to link to past broadcast highlights, will provide a never-ending flow of modern-day word-of-mouth marketing.

FIX: ‘Golf doesn’t attract new players who keep coming back’ –  Finally and perhaps most importantly, PinShot Golf can attract people with no interest in golf to get them to try the game. (The real game of golf, too, not a variation.) The family-friendly sportsbar clubhouse will draw people who would never consider going to a traditional golf course or driving range. Visitors can watch the golf action while they eat/drink/socialize until they get the itch to try it themselves. And even if that person doesn’t get hooked on PinShot Golf, there are still revenue opportunities to be gained from food, beverage and entertainment when that person simply joins with friends for a night out.