Real Estate Developers

PinShot Golf is interested in discussing options with established real estate developers, especially those in the multi-family housing segment or in large-scale planned community development.

The intent is to work closely with developers who see the enormous benefit of integrating an active, family-friendly golf and green space amenity with condominium and/or apartment complexes targeted towards younger professionals, down-sizing couples, and sports-focused families.

The design of each real estate development will match the housing needs of that location and fit the look of the community in which the units will be constructed.

Consideration will be given to proposals for a ‘green space’ exchange, long-term land leasing, a joint development of the residential real estate component, the outright sale of peripheral property to a developer, and other options that make sense to both parties to move a PinShot Golf project forward.

To discuss real estate development options for PinShot Golf, please contact:

Allen Freeman