What is PinShot Golf

PinShot Golf is an innovative facility concept where traditional golf is played under USGA Rules, but modernized in a fun, all ages, media-driven way:

– a new style of layout with a traditional look built in a smaller footprint;

– an automated, enjoyable pace of play for everyone regardless of skill level;

– an entertainment experience that combines competition, fun and multi-media.

PinShot Golf is real golf using standard balls, clubs and holes. It’s not a variation of golf. It doesn’t use big holes or reduced-flight golf balls. It’s not a day-glo electronic driving range game. And it’s certainly not that wacky footgolf stuff.

Picture this: a beautiful, natural-looking golf course with fantastic greens. A family-friendly open-air sportsbar clubhouse. Music in the background. Lights for night play. Video boards across the property. A constantly-running game clock to set the pace. Multiple tee boxes to welcome all players. Daily tournament competitions with live TV coverage. Real-time scoring. Social media updates.

PinShot Golf is traditional golf for players of every skill level played in a fun outdoor atmosphere at an affordable price — truly, the only formula that will ever grow the game.