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Morning Read Letter on PinShot Golf

The daily golf email newsletter Morning Read has a well-followed “Letters” section that covers a huge range of topics.

Morning Read posted a letter there that references PinShot Golf.

On Thursday, Jan 11, the following letter was posted on the topic of ball distance:

While reading more and more about the pros hitting the ball too long and all the suggestions to rein in the pros, I had this thought. Changing club design, restricting ball construction and redesigning our courses all involve big changes and even more money. So, here’s a suggestion that could be done tomorrow, at relatively low cost. Just as out of bounds and water hazards are marked and incur penalty strokes, add a distance line across the fairway. Any drive past the distance line would incur a penalty stroke.

It seems too simple, doesn’t it? For the cost of a can of spray paint, this could be tried without any drastic changes to equipment or courses.

So, let the debate begin on how far out from the tee to paint the distance line and clean those clubs now, because spring is right around the corner.

Al Horn
Bloomington, Ind.


In reply, Allen Freeman responded the following day:

Al Horn’s idea of drawing a line across the fairway (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Jan. 11, would never be considered for PGA Tour events.

But the idea does have merit. And it’s not a new idea; it’s part of the PinShot Golf concept ( and The line there is set at 230 yards.

Allen Freeman
Brecksville, Ohio
(Freeman is a principal with PinShot Golf.)